An artist and educator for more than thirty years, Dr. Carleton Palmer has taught at university and secondary levels, has seen his professional photography of art work and his scholarly writing published in books and magazines, and has resided on Long Island for nearly twenty years. He looks forward to sharing ideas

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ISALTA _Research _Journal_November_24_2010_0008 - Thanksgiving Carletoons

ISALTA _Research _Journal_November_15_2010_0007 - Vuitton Carletoon

ISALTA _Research _Journal_October_23_2010_0006 - Halloween and bonus Carletoon

ISALTA _Research _Journal_October_23_2010_0005 - Faustus Carletoon

ISALTA _Research _Journal_October_16_2010_0004 - Identity Carletoon and anecdote

ISALTA_Research_Journal_September_22_2010_0003 - Starving Artist sale Carletoon

ISALTA_Research_Journal_August_29_2010_0002 - Examiner Project Essay

ISALTA_Research_Journal_August_20_2010_0001 - Yaxi Crab Carletoon